lag using midi synth

July 23rd, 2005 + 5:07 AM  ·  OrlandoDibskitt

Ususally, when I record from my synth, I use the line in port and just record live. I've been trying to do this via the midi port recently and although It works, I'm getting a load of lag between pressing the keys and sounding the note.
   I was wondering if anybody knows a way to get around this?

bands to recomend

June 25th, 2005 + 11:06 PM  ·  OrlandoDibskitt

I never seem to come into contact with new bands and music untill they've been around for ages, I just never seem to hear about good bands unless somebody tells me about them. Some people seem to have been born knowing who's who and what's what but not me.... so I was thinking maybe people could post the names and genres of the bands that influence them and help people like me discover the great music they've been missing all this time.
    If I was to do this, most people would already be aware of anybody I could think of but here are some of the people I would like to be even half as good as...

    1) Radiohead (my fav!!)
    2) Faithless
    3)Aphex twin
    4)Ludwig van (who wouldn't??)
    5)Paco De Lucia
    6)David Bowie.
 of course there are more but just to maybe get the ball rolling.

dont know really

June 15th, 2005 + 6:06 PM  ·  OrlandoDibskitt

This is my favourite of my music. takes some concentration but I find it quite hypnotic. I tried to make something where the melody stayed almost the same but the percussion was a little less predictable


June 14th, 2005 + 8:06 AM  ·  OrlandoDibskitt

couldn't think of a better title

Da Virus

June 14th, 2005 + 8:06 AM  ·  OrlandoDibskitt

so called cos i had a heavy cold at the time and the tunes heavy on digitality
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